Planting the seeds for tomorrow’s growth

Gifts to the VMNH Legacy Endowment provide long-term income for the museum’s education, exhibits, and scientific research programs while improving education, quality of life, and economic growth across the region. Funds in the VMNH Legacy Endowment are invested to earn annual interest rather than spent immediately. A portion of the annual earnings is used to support the museum’s programs in education, exhibits, and scientific research. The rest of the earnings are reallocated back into the fund’s principal to ensure the endowment continues to grow and yield more interest for future support.

  • Special Exhibit Hall
  • Research Library
  • Plaza
  • Eeobalanoptera whale cast – Great Hall
  • Allosaurus skeleton cast – Great Hall
  • Cera the Triceratops
  • Clawd the giant ground sloth (Lobby)
  • Distance Learning Center
  • Pollinator garden Main lobby
  • Museum Store and PALEO Café
  • How Nature Works: Rocks
  • How Nature Works: Life
  • Fossil Overlook
  • Microscopy Lab & Electron Microscope
  • Teacher Resource Center
  • Uncovering Virginia – Solite
  • Uncovering Virginia – Grundy
  • Uncovering Virginia – Carmel Church
  • Archaeology Lab
  • Dinosaur and fossil animal (Vertebrate Paleontology) Storage
  • Fossil shell (Invertebrate Paleontology) Storage
  • Pickled animal (Wet Biology) Storage
  • Bugs and bones (Dry Biology) Storage
  • “Dirty” Lab
  • Invertebrate Paleontology Lab
  • Marine Biology and Bryozoan (moss animal) Lab
  • Molecular Analysis lab
  • Specimen preparation lab
  • Pteranodon
  • Sinistra whale skull (Great Hall)
  • Catering Kitchen
  • Therapod dinosaur mural (Great Hall)
  • Whale pod mural (Great Hall)
  • Moose
  • Tiger
  • Black Bear and Cubs
  • Arctic Fox
  • Sea Turtle
  • Corny the Corn Snake
  • Sheldon the Turtle
  • Cockroach colony
  • Science image analysis station
  • Endow some VMNH Secrets. Contact us at 276-634-4163 or information@vmnh.virginia.gov to learn more…
  • How do we make a skeleton?
  • VMNH has Southside Virginia's largest chamber of horror...
  • Where do we store secrets yet unlocked?
  • We have many ones-of-a-kind... This one is our biggest...
  • How did we find an animal locked in stone?
  • We have a 750-legger...
  • We have a gem of a specimen...
  • We have true crime scene first responders...