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Written by: Christy Deatherage
Tuesday February 4, 2014

In January, VMNH Department of Education and Public Programs hosted two “Mad Scientist” themed sleepovers.  Girl Scout Troop 841, from Franklin County, had a blast with physical science related activities on January 24th.  The following weekend, Cub Scout Webelos Pack 145 from Christiansburg enjoyed putting their scientist skills to work! 

During both sleepovers, the scouts rolled up their lab coats and tightened their goggles for their fantastic physical science experiments.  The activities focused on characteristics of matter, phases of matter, and chemical reactions. 

 “It was a great opportunity to engage the girls in activities about matter and get a little or REALLY messy in the process!” said Ally Lary, VMNH Education Coordinator who worked with Girl Scout Troop 841.

Scouts created homemade soda geysers to explore how Mentos react with soda to make an incredible eruption. 

 “Elephant toothpaste” was a hit with the scouts.  Groups worked together to add dissolved yeast to a bottle of food colored peroxide which causes a reaction and foam shoots from the bottle and oozes like a tube of toothpaste.  Scouts were amazed that the bottle was warm to the touch (an exothermic reaction!).  

“Thanks for everything- you all went above and beyond to take care of us!” said one of the troop leaders after the sleepover.    

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