Thomas Jefferson Awards

 Nominations Now Open

Nominations Now Open

Nominations for the 35th Annual Virginia Museum of Natural History Foundation Thomas Jefferson Awards are now open!

Established in 1987, the Virginia Museum of Natural History Foundation Thomas Jefferson Awards is a statewide initiative that honors individuals and organizations for outstanding contributions to natural science, natural science education, and conservation. The awards, which are given annually, are named for Virginians, by birth or adoption, who have established traditions of excellence in the world of science and who have brought recognition and prestige to the Commonwealth.

35th Annual Thomas Jefferson Awards

Nominations  for the 35th Annual Virginia Museum of Natural History Foundation Thomas Jefferson Awards - Virginia's premier natural history, natural science, and conservation honors - are now open through Friday, November 10, 2023. Awards available for nomination this year include:

The Thomas Jefferson Medal for Outstanding Contributions to Natural Science
This award is presented to an individual who has consistently made outstanding contributions to natural science in Virginia.

The Thomas Jefferson Medal for Outstanding Contributions to Natural Science Education
This award is presented to a Virginia educator who has made significant contributions to natural science education at any academic level.

The W. Bruce Wingo Conservation Award
This award is presented to an individual or organization in recognition of significant conservation efforts in Virginia.

Previous Award Winners

Matthew Fontaine Maury Distinguished Service Award Winners

1988:  The Honorable A.L. Philpott
1989:  City of Martinsville
1991:  The Honorable A. Victor Thomas
1993:  Town of Saltville
1994:  Anchor Residential & Family Prevention Services
1995:  Virginia Nurserymen’s Association
1996:  Henry County
1997:  Virginia Forest Products Association
1998:  The Charity League of Martinsville and Henry County
1999:  The Virginia Council on Indians
2000:  Dr. Ira Trollinger
2001:  George W. Lester, II
2002:  Wendell Keyes
2003:  V. Carole Lougheed
2004:  The Honorable W. Roscoe Reynolds
2004:  The Honorable Ward L. Armstrong
2005:  Dr. Ira Trollinger
2006:  Kiwanis Club of Martinsville
2007:  Charity League of Martinsville and Henry County
2008:  Suzi Kirby
2009:  Dan River Basin Association
2010:  Thomas Fleenor
2011:  Virginia Lottery
2012:  None
2013:  None
2014:  None
2015:  None
2016:  Sammy Redd
2017:  Christopher M. Bailey, Ph.D.
2017:  W. Cullen Sherwood, Ph.D.
2017:  L. Scott Eaton, Ph.D.
2017:  David S. Powars, Ph.D.
2018:  None
2019:  None
2020:  None
2021:  None

William Barton Rogers Individual Award Winners

1988:  Mr. and Mrs. William F. Franck
1989:  Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Lacy, Jr.
1990:  A. Gordon Willis
1991:  Richard P. Gravely, Jr. Family
1992:  None
1993:  Peter Boisseau
1994:  Jean Adams
1995:  Edward H. Harrell
1996:  John G. Rocovich, Jr.
1997:  Beverly Orndorff
1998:  J. Durwood Usry
1999:  Cari Zimmer
2000:  Bruce Wingo
2001:  Carter R. Harrison
2002:  Not Given
2003:  Dr. Charles P. Thornton
2004:  Dr. Richard L. Hoffman
2005:  Not Given
2006:  Dr. David C. Jones
2007:  Debra J. Lewis
2008:  James C. Firebaugh, Jr.
2009:  Ward Littlefield
2010:  Thomas Marshall Hahn Jr., Ph.D.
2011:  Stephen W. Lenhart, Ph.D.
2012:  None
2013:  None
2014:  None
2015:  None
2016:  None
2017:  Hermes Family Foundation
2018:  None
2019:  William Henika
2020:  None
2021:  None

William Barton Rogers Corporate Award Winners

1988:  Dominion Bank
1989:  Sovran Bank, N.A.
1990:  Mobil Foundation, Inc.
1991:  Solite Corporation
1993:  E. I. DuPont deNemours, Martinsville
1994:  Sara Lee Knit Products
1995:  Mutual of Omaha Wildlife Heritage Trust
1996:  Sprint Centel of Virginia
1997:  Chesapeake Corporation
1998:  Norfolk Southern Corporation
1999:  Crestar Bank
2000:  The Lester Group
2001:  BB&T
2002:  SunTrust Bank
2003:  Glazed Products, Inc.
2004:  Virginia Blower Company
2005:  Giant Cement Holding Company
2006:  Fred Martin & Associates
2007:  Hooker Furniture Corporation
2008:  Tacoma
2009:  Boxley Materials Company
2010:  Caroline County
2011:  Dominion
2012:  National Wild Turkey Federation
2013:  Memorial Hospital of Martinsville & Henry County
2014:  Bassett Furniture Industries
2015:  American Electric Power
2016:  Virginia Chapter of Trout Unlimited
2017:  Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History
2018:  The Helen S. and Charles G. Patterson, Jr. Charitable Foundation Trust
2019:  Norfolk Southern Foundation
2020:  None
2021:  National Society of Black Engineers
2022: Iridium Communications, Inc.

Thomas Jefferson Medal for Outstanding Contributions to Natural Science Winners

1988:  Alton M. Harvill, Jr.
1989:  Robert E. Jenkins
1990:  Robert C. Milici
1991:  John R. Holsinger
1993:  Clayton Ray
1994:  Charles O. Handley, Jr.
1995:  Richard L. Hoffman, Ph.D.
1996:  E-an Zen
1997:  Howard A. MacCord, Sr.
1998:  Michael Kosztarab, Ph.D.
1999:  O.K. Miller, Jr., Ph.D.
2000:  T. Scott Bruce, Dr. C. Wylie Poag, David S. Powars
2001:  Mitchell A. Byrd, Ph.D.
2002:  Frank C. Whitmore, Jr., Ph.D.
2003:  William J. Hargis, Jr., Ph.D.
2004:  Duncan M. Porter, Ph.D.
2005:  Porter M. Kier, Ph.D.
2006:  Stewart Ware, Ph.D.
2007:  William M. Kelso, Ph.D.
2008:  Joseph C. Mitchell, Ph.D.
2009:  Cleveland P. Hickman, Jr., Ph.D.
2010:  Tom Simkin, Ph.D.
2011:  Douglas Owsley, Ph.D.
2012:  Richard K. Bambach, Ph.D.
2013:  Helen C. Rountree, Ph.D.
2014:  J. James Murray, Jr.
2015:  Paul E. Olsen, Ph.D.
2016:  Oliver S. Flint, Jr., Ph.D.
2017:  Patricia M. Dove, Ph.D.
2018:  Robert J. Bodnar, Ph.D.
2019:  Gerald V. Gibbs, Ph.D.
2020:  N/A
2021:  Dr. James S. Beard, Ph.D.
2022: Eric Hallerman, Ph.D.

Thomas Jefferson Medal for Outstanding Contributions to Natural Science Education Winners

1990:  Patricia McKinstry
1991:  Frank W. Taylor
1993:  Sean Duffy
1994:  Karen Snavely
1995:  Kenneth L. Leinbach
1996:  The Kastning Family
1997:  Patricia L. Orend
1998:  John DeMary
1999:  Paul Fleisher
2000:  Sandra Estes Nemeth
2001:  Anthony C. Martin
2002:  George Crump
2003:  Mythianne Shelton, Tony Hall
2004:  Mrs. Laura E. Wilkowski, Ms. Joyce Harlow Corriere
2005:  William S. Portlock
2006:  Barry Fox
2007:  Dr. Jeffrey Kirwan
2008:  Charles Jervis
2009:  Anne Boschen Wright
2010:  Byron Carmean and Gary Williamson
2011:  Eric Martin Rhoades
2012:  Maryellen Susan Gilley
2013:  Anne Moore
2014:  Donald W. Linzey, Ph.D.
2015:  Julia H. Cothron, Ed.D.
2016:  Lisa R. Deaton
2017:  Linda S. Fink, Ph.D.
2018:  Dennis A. Casey, Ph.D.
2019:  Dr. Brooke Haiar
2020:  None
2021:  Dr. DorothyBelle Poli and Dr. Lisa G. Stoneman
2022: Krista Hodges and Brian Williams

Noel T. Boaz Director’s Award

2006:  Daniel G. “Bud” Oakey
2007:  Gael Chaney
2008:  Mr. & Mrs. George Adams
2009:  The Martinsville Bulletin
2010:  Lauck Ward, Ph.D.
2011:  Eugene Baird
2012:  None
2013:  None
2014:  Jennifer Doss
2015:  None
2016:  None
2017:  None
2018:  None
2019:  None
2020:  None
2021:  Cynthia Eanes Gray

W. Bruce Wingo Award for Conservation

2012:  Garden Club of Virginia
2013:  Ann Regn
2014:  James C. Ludwig
2014:  Alan S. Weakley, Ph.D.
2014:  Bland Crowder
2014:  John F. Townsend
2015:  National Geographic Society
2016:  James N. Galloway, Ph.D.
2017:  None
2018:  Michael J. Pinder
2019:  None
2020:  None
2021:  None
2022: Monogram Foods

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