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Written by: Elizabeth Moore
Wednesday April 1, 2015

Dr. Elizabeth Moore recently gave a presentation, Plants and People, to students in the Roanoke College Honors Program. After a presentation on the history of domestication, the role of domesticated plants in Virginia, and the impact of a diet dependent on domesticated plants on human health, Dr. Moore led the group of 50 students through a hands-on activity. In this activity, students sorted archaeobotanical samples, identified the nuts, seeds, and shells in their samples, and formulated an interpretation for their data. Here you can see a student sorting burned plant remains out of matrix (i.e., dirt).

A Roanoke College student sorting burned plant remains out of matrix (i.e., dirt).

To learn more about plant and animal domestication Dr. Moore recommends this web site,

To learn more about the Roanoke College Honors Program clink here

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