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VMNH Discovery Kits LogoThe museum's education team has created 5 separate Discovery Kits that explore a variety of topics, from paleontology to food webs to life cycles. These kits are a wonderful way to keep your young learners excited about science, while learning about important scientific concepts that often aren't taught in a typical school classroom!

Please contact us at discover@vmnh.virginia.gov or call (276) 634-4187 for more details, including purchasing options. VMNH Discovery Kits are currently available for $20 (pick up at VMNH) or shipped to a location for $30.

Available Kits

Junior Paleontologist Kit

Start your own collection with this fossil identification kit!Junior Paleontologist Kit Image Kit contents include:

  • Bag of assorted fossils
  • Fossil identification book
  • Magnifying glass
  • Virginia State Fossil - Chesapecten jeffersonius

Owl Pellet Dissection Kit

Learn about food chains by dissecting owl pellets!Owl Pellet Dissection Kit Image Kit contents include:

  • 2 owl pellets
  • Bone ID sheet
  • Ziplock bag for bones
  • 2 toothpicks (to aid with dissection)
  • Information sheet - “What Is An Owl Pellet?”

Bugs in a Box Kit

Explore insect life cycles with mealworms!Bugs in a Box Kit Kit contents include:

  • Bug viewer with magnifying top
  • Small plastic container of oatmeal that contains 5 mealworms
  • Small piece of carrot (food for mealworms)
  • Worksheet
  • Piece of paper and piece of plastic
  • 2 small pieces of paper towel
  • Life cycle craft with 1 paper fastener

Flying High Kit

Experiment with variables and water ratio to explore the height of film canister rockets! Flying High Kit ImageKit contents include:

  • 1 film canister
  • 3 alka seltzer tablets
  • Experiment chart


Let's Make a Fossil Kit

Create a cast (replica) of a fossil shark tooth or seashell!Let's Make a Fossil Kit Image Kit contents include:

  • Playdough
  • Shark tooth
  • Sea shell
  • 2 small cups 
  • 2 toothpicks
  • Plaster
  • Example fossil image
  • Please note that cooking spray is needed for this kit and is not included.
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$10 for ages 18-59
$5 for ages 3-17, seniors 60+, and college students
FREE for children under 3, museum members, and members of ASTC participating institutions

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