Annual Fund

Make a difference today!

Make a difference today!

Your support matters! From providing education scholarships to making possible the next great scientific discoveries, your VMNH Annual Fund contribution will help expand science education, research and exhibits throughout the Commonwealth and beyond during the coming year.

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Your Tax-deductible Annual Fund Contribution Supports...

Hands-on education programs
Together with “at-the-museum” and outreach programs, your support will help reach students across the Commonwealth through the Distance Learning program.

Science Festivals
Your support makes possible a variety of festivals with unique themes, including dinosaurs, reptiles, bugs, and even dragons! Thanks to your Annual Fund support, these popular festivals draw thousands of visitors from across the region, with over 70% coming from outside Martinsville-Henry County.

Globally significant research
Thanks to you, VMNH scientists and colleagues made new scientific discoveries, published the results of groundbreaking research, and reached lifelong learners across the Commonwealth and beyond.

Exhibits at the museum and at sites statewide and beyond
With your help, new displays and exhibits continue to open at VMNH, with traveling exhibits on display in Ohio, South Carolina and North Carolina.

Your support will inspire the students of today who may become the scientists and leaders of tomorrow. To learn more about how you can support VMNH, please contact us today.

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Annual Fund Donors (July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023)

  • Phylum ($1,001 - $5,000)
    Elster Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. George Lester
    The Lester Group
    Marjorie Sutton Memorial Foundation
    Col. And Mrs. R. Gene Smith
  • Class ($501 - $1,000)
    Mrs. Elva Adams
    Mrs. Doris H. Berry
    Groves/Chaney Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. J. Smith Chaney
    Ms. Aimee Guidera
    Mrs. Elizabeth M Holsinger
    Dr. and Mrs. Mervyn King
    Mr. William L. Kirby, III
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Lacy
    Dr. Raymond Mallinak
    Ms. Edwina H. Pancake
    Mr. and Mrs. E. Larry Ryder
    Mr. and Mrs. William F. Stone, Jr.
    Mrs. Melany Stowe
  • Order ($251 - $500)
    Mr. and Mrs. John Bassett
    Mrs. Evalyn T. Chapman
    Mrs. Susan Deatherage
    Ms. Susan Frith
    Irving and Jett Groves Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Huckfeldt
    Dr. and Mrs. David H. Lewis
    Dr. Carole Nash and Mr. John Eckman
    Dr. Janet W. Reid
    Senator and Mrs. W. Roscoe Reynolds
    Thermal technologies
  • Family ($101 - $250)
    Mr. and Mrs. Briggs Andrews
    Mr. and Dr. Roy Binger
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip Burnette
    Mr. and Mrs. Darren Aaron
    Ms. Gail Clark
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Collins
    Ms. Susan Deatherage
    Disability Rights & Resorce Center
    Drs. Paul and Margie Eason
    Mr. and Mrs. Luther Ensminger
    Mr. and Mrs. Francis F. Falls
    Mr. and Mrs. William Hensley
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hodges
    Dr. and Mrs. Charles Jenkins
    Mr. and Mrs. Eric Monday
    Mr. and Mrs. Coy M. Park, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Penn
    S & K Office Products, Inc.
    Shenandoah Furniture
    Snyder Orthodontics
    Mr. and Mrs. William Sydor
    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis H. Treacy
    Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Wood
  • Genus ($41 - $100)
    Mr. Peter Agelasto
    Ms. Sally Anderson
    Anesthetic and Family Dental
    Mrs. Nancy L. Baker
    Mrs. Dale Brittle
    Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Bowles
    Ms. Mary Rives Brown
    Honorable and Mrs. Robert L. Bushnell
    Ms. Lelia Butler
    Mrs. Gail Clark
    Mrs. Jeanette Cole
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crawley
    Mr. and Mrs. Milton Davis
    Mr. and Mrs. William Dent
    Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Eckerlin
    Mr. and Mrs. Warren Elliott
    Mrs. Sandra Ford
    Dr. and Mrs. G. Andrew Gehrken
    Mr. James Gillespie
    Ms. Pattie Gusler
    Ms. Doris Hale
    Mr. Hal Aaslestad
    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew H. Hammack
    Mr. F. Staley Hester, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hinchcliff
    Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Hudson
    Mr. and Mrs. Barry Jarrett
    Ms. Elizabeth Jewell
    Mr. and Mrs. David R. Jones Jr.
    Mrs. V. Carole Lougheed
    Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Martin
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul May
    Mr. Billy McCracken
    Mr. and Mrs. Claude W. McMillan
    Mr. and Mrs. William B. Moore, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Keith Oliver
    Mr. and Mrs. Coy Park
    Mr. and Mrs. B. Greg Preston
    Mr. Cecil Price
    Dr. and Mrs. Clarence L. Reaser
    Mr. John Ross
    Ms. Malinda Sayers
    Mr. James Souter
    Mrs. Nancy U. Stanley
    Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Stultz
    Southside Bird Club
    Mr. Harold Swain
    Ms. Ione Taylor
    Ms. Julie H. Thomas
    Mr. James Souter
    Mr. Harold Suain
    Mr. Bob Tuggle
    Mrs. Carolyn Turner
    Mrs. Gail C. Vogler
    Mrs. Lisa Watkins
    Mr. and Mrs. William S. Warren
    Dr. Carolyn Wells
    Dr. and Mrs. John R. Wheless
    Mr. Charles Wray
    Mrs. Lisa Watkins
    Mr. and Mrs. William S. Warren
    Dr. Carolyn Wells
    Dr. and Mrs. John R. Wheless
    Mr. Charles Wray
  • Species ($1 - $40)
    Mr. Steven Arey
    Mrs. Janet Ashby
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Blankenbaker
    Mr. Barry Broadnax
    Mrs. Lelia Butler
    Mrs. Cari Clark
    Mr. Andy Cundiff
    Mrs. Barbara T. Epperly
    Ms. Pat Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mehring
    Ms. Lori Patkin
    Mrs. Anita Priddy
    Ms. Jodi Psathos
    Mrs. Simone Redd
    Mr. Richard Renfro
    Mr. John Reynolds
    Mr. and Mrs. James Rountree
    Mr. and Mrs. Dwight A. Stultz
    Mr. Al Taylor
    Mr. Michael Williams
    Mr. and Mrs. James Zinck
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