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Dinosaurs: Reign of the Giants

Travel back in time to a land of giants, as you explore the museum's newest special exhibit, Dinosaurs: Reign of the Giants.  The exhibit is highlighted by the life-size, cast skeletons of Stegosaurus, a herbivorous quadruped most notably characterized by the upright plates on its back and a tail tipped with spikes, and Triceratops, another herbivorous quadruped recognized for its large frill and three horns on its head. Dinosaurs also features a large variety of dinosaur fossils from the museum's scientific collections, as well interactive elements throughout the exhibit.

The exhibit and its displays will reside in the Special Exhibit Hall adjacent to the museum's Harvest Foundation Hall of Ancient Life, which features other life-size, cast skeletons, including the 40-foot-long, meat-eating Acrocanthosaurus.