Discovery Fund

What will you discover?

Your generous Discovery Fund support will enable the Virginia Museum of Natural History to expand its role as the "voice" for natural history and resources for Virginia, with award-winning exhibits, groundbreaking scientific research and collections, and innovative education programs for learners of all ages. Donations of any amount are always appreciated. To learn more about how you can support the Virginia Museum of Natural History's important work, please contact us at or 276-634-4162.

Your Discovery Fund dollars can support...

Research and Collections

  • Be part of the next great scientific discoveries: The museum conducts unique, analytical work with state of the art equipment. Help support science that involves everything from dinosaur bones to crime scene evidence!
  • Ultra-cold storage for genetic analysis
  • Technology for monitoring the safety of our specimens on exhibit
  • Support for our collections growth


  • Help us bring the best exhibits to VMNH: Make new, exciting exhibit experiences possible by supporting the Discovery Fund!
  • Help us keep our live animals happy and healthy: Support the care and feeding of our live animals used in family and school programs (snakes, turtles, and bugs have to eat too...)
  • Life-size Velociraptor dinosaur skeleton leaping onto the museum's Fossil Overlook
  • Bring the past to life: Your support can enable the museum to add new displays to the Harvest Foundation Hall of Ancient Life.


  • Sponsorship for the annual VMNH Summer Camps. These camps provide one-of-a-kind educational experiences to children across the region.
  • Sponsorship of the annual Virginia Science Standards Institute. This summer residential training program provides vital learning experiences for teachers statewide.

Thomas Jefferson Awards

  • The VMNH Foundation Thomas Jefferson Awards honor individuals and corporations for outstanding contributions to natural science and natural science education. Support to the awards allows the museum to continue recognizing Virginians for their contribution to conservation and environmental stewardship of the Commonwealth.