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Exploring Virginia

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Explore Virginia both in the past and today...

During the 17th century, explorers from England, Spain, France, and Portugal sought to explore the "New World" now known as the Americas. "Glory, God, and gold" drove men of religion, men of business, and men with ambition to map new lands, learn about natural resources, and make contact with native peoples. Today, archaeologists study the past by excavating sites and interpreting the things that people have left behind. Exploring Virginia is open at the Virginia Museum of Natural History from September 5, 2015 to August 3, 2016.

Exploring Virginia features specimens from The Gregory Speck Collection, a large collection of donated taxidermy mounts.

This exhibit features artifacts and specimens loaned or donated by several individuals and organizations including:

  • Tom and Marty Fleenor
  • T. Marshall Hahn, Jr. and family
  • Mervyn and Virginia King
  • Andria Christian and Lisa Layne, from the Estate of Jerry L. Pendleton
  • John Perry
  • Gregory Speck
  • Kathy Shelton and Gary Stultz in memory of Jesse Carlton Stultz
  • Paul Turman in honor of David and Linda Turman
  • Virginia Department of Transportation

Many people and organizations contributed to the content of this exhibit. We would like to thank:

  • Dr. Bernard Means, VMNH Research Associate and Director of the VCU Virtual Curation Laboratory for contributing content, especially nearly 200 3D printed replicas
  • The Virginia Historical Society
  • The Virginia Department of Historic Resources, particularly Katherine Ridgway and Dee DeRoche
  • Jamestown Rediscovery at Historic Jamestowne
  • The Library of Virginia, particularly Meghan Townes, Paige Buchbinder, and, Dana Puga
  • Solid Stone Fabrics
  • BU Today and Boston University
  • Brenna Geraghty
  • Rebecca Moore
  • Griffin Haley
  • Soroush Zargarani
  • Rebecca Guest
  • Hannah Lickey
  • Brenna Geraghty
  • Lucy Treado
  • Chelsea Miller
  • Simone Morris
  • Erica Eddins
  • Athena Beskenis
  • Zoe Rahsman
  • Rebecca Bowman
  • Jesse Wallace
  • Natasha Cote
  • Students in the VCU Virtual Curation Laboratory
  • Lowell Nugent

Below are several images of the installation process weeks before the exhibit debuted.