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Hall of Ancient Life

The Harvest Foundation of the Piedmont Hall of Ancient Life greets visitors as the first exhibit gallery with a vast assortment of fascinating displays of ancient creatures and modern science.

Uncovering Virginia

Walk through Virginia's natural history from beginning to present inside the museum's Uncovering Virginia exhibit gallery.

Hahn Hall of Biodiversity

The Hahn Hall of Biodiversity features spectacular African mammal collections, including antelopes, a lion, a hyena, a leopard and more.

Wednesday, November 2
Homeschool Science & Engineering Academy -

VMNH offers engaging science and engineering programs for home school students. Programs are held the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month from 10 to 11:30 a.m. for ages 6-14.

Friday, November 4
VMNH Members', Donors' Open House -

VMNH Members and donors are invited to an open house to meet scientists, educators and other staff while exploring behind-the-scenes. Join us as we open the vaults and highlight a portion of the museum's 10 million+ inventoried specimens and artifacts.

Wednesday, November 9
Doodle Bugs! -

VMNH offers children ages 3 to 5 the opportunity to experience science and engineering first-hand with the Doodle Bugs! program. The hour-long programs include imaginative stories, fun activities, games and crafts that spark creativity and curiosity.

Thursday, November 10
2nd Thursday Science Talk -

Dr. Joe B. Keiper, Executive Director of VMNH, will present “Matthew Henson: The first man at ninety degrees north latitude”.

Museum receives $17,000 grant for new Ice Age exhibit

New exhibit to feature giant short-faced bear, dire wolf skeletons.

VMNH curator featured in UK documentary "Prehistoric Megabeasts: Croc vs Snake"

Paleontologist Dr. Alex Hastings was recently featured in the documentary "Prehistoric Megabeasts: Croc vs Snake", which debuted in the United Kingdom on the British public service television broadcaster, Channel 4.

VMNH taking part in Museums for All initiative

The museum is taking part in the Museums for All initiative, an IMLS program that provides discounted museum admission to low-income families.

The Great Wyoming Dinosaur Dig

VMNH researchers recently completed the "Great Wyoming Dinosaur Dig", a 3-week dinosaur fossil excavation in Wyoming in collaboration with Lynchburg College.

The mission of the Virginia Museum of Natural History is to interpret Virginia's natural heritage
within a global context in ways that are relevant to all citizens of the Commonwealth.