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Jun Zhang and John R. Holsinger

Freshwater amphipods abound in a wide range of habitats: from icy springs and cave streams to rivers, lakes and swamps, frequently in vast numbers as both primary consumers and a food resource for many larger predators. Species of the Holarctic genus Crangonyx exemplify this condition, as important elements in many aquatic ecosystems, and must be factored into studies of such communities and in the formulation of environmental management protocols.

This monographic revision, based on the examination of over 23,000 specimens, treats the classification, phylogeny, and distribution of the 42 North American species of this genus, 24 of them described as new. Structural details are copiously illustrated, locality records obtained from 2240 collections are represented on distribution maps, and computer-generated phylogenetic trees portray possible evolutionary tracks within Crangonyx.

Such a comprehensive treatment renders the book indispensable to all students of the class Amphipoda and anyone investigating Nearctic freshwater ecosystems. It is the latest contribution from ongoing research on amphipods conducted by the second author, Professor of Biological Sciences at Old Dominion University, for over four decades.

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