2nd Thursday Science Talks

Join us every second Thursday of each month through May 14, 2015 for special presentations delivered by VMNH curators, VMNH researchers, as well as VMNH research associates.  Each topic covers a unique field of science from paleontology to archaeology to human health.

Free admission to "2nd Thursday Science Talks" is provided by generous donations to the VMNH Foundation Discovery Fund.  All presentations are held at VMNH from 6 to 7 p.m.  Presentation titles and descriptions will be announced soon.

The next and final "Science Talk" of the 2014-15 season is May 14 

:  Dr. Nancy Moncrief, Curator of Mammalogy, VMNH
Title:  "Virginia Mammals: Past, Present, and Future"

The final edition of the Virginia Museum of Natural History’s 2014-15 season of“2nd Thursday Science Talks” will take place Thursday, May 14 at 6 p.m. when Dr. Nancy Moncrief, VMNH curator of mammalogy, presents “Virginia Mammals: Past, Present, and Future”. The hour-long presentation is free and open to the public thanks to donations to the VMNH Foundation Discovery Fund.Dr. Nancy Moncrief

As curator of mammalogy for the museum, Dr. Moncrief oversees the largest collection of mammals from Virginia of about 17,000 specimens. The collections include 2000 additional specimens from other parts of North America. In her presentation, which was co-authored by Dr. John F. Pagels, a VMNH research associate and professor emeritus of biology at Virginia Commonwealth University, Dr. Moncrief will provide a general overview of mammals, with an emphasis on land mammals native to Virginia. She will discuss methods that she and colleagues use to study these mammals and what her studies have found. In addition, Dr. Moncrief will discuss the long-term, ongoing impacts on distribution and abundance of native land animals, as well as reasons for change in the composition of Virginia’s native land mammals.

“Virginia Mammals: Past, Present, and Future” represents the final edition of the 2014-15 season of the museum’s “2nd Thursday Science Talks”.  All museum members are invited to attend a reception at the end of the talk to celebrate this past season and interact with past presenters.  The next season of talks will begin in October of this year.