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Summer Adventure Camps

2017 VMNH Summer Adventure Camps

Rates: $115 members/$125 non-members - Camp rates include a morning and afternoon snack as well as all activities such as take home crafts, engineer designs, group projects, and experiments.  All camps are from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Before and after camp care is available upon request.  To register, please submit the forms below before the registration deadline along with a $25 non-refundable deposit.  The $25 will be deducted from the cost of camp and the balance due one (1) week prior to the camp.  (Or, you can pay in full by post-dating a check for the first day of camp).  If you have any questions, please call (276) 634-4185, email discover@vmnh.virginia.gov.

Click here to download the Permission Form, Policy for Unscheduled or Emergency After Care form, Scholarship Application form, and Before/After Care  form.

Thank you to our 2017 VMNH Summer Camps Sponsors:
  • Southwestern Piedmont Master Naturalists
  • Kiwanis

Camps for Ages 6 - 8

June 12 - 16
Outdoor Adventures
Calling all puddle jumpers and mud pie makers!  Come discover the plants and animals around the museum and why it is important to care for the environment.  Dress for the outdoors!  Registration deadline is May 29.

June 19 - 23
Marvels of Technology
Ever wonder where electricity came from? What about everyday inventions? Historical and current technologies will all be built and explored, making campers historians of the past and engineers of the future!  Registration deadline is June 5.

June 26 - 30
Imagination Expedition
Put on your imagination helmets and prepare to go on an epic adventure that spans across continents and time. Embark on a journey to different regions of the world where you will discover what it is like to be a mummy, a ninja, and a Pirate, among other things. So pack your bags and prepare for an epic adventure.  Registration deadline is June 12.

July 10 - 14
Let’s Experiment!     (CAMP IS FULL)
Become a scientist and explore the world around you through experiments.  Campers will be able to make messes, create gases, and watch stuff explode in this very hands-on summer camp!  Registration deadline is June 26.

July 17 - 21
Dino Days
Let’s travel back in time to when dinosaurs ruled the earth.  Campers will learn about the dominating dinosaurs with games, crafts, and dino packed activities all day long!  Registration deadline is July 3.

July 31 - August 4
Build This
Do you like to use your imagination to build things?  Participants will use their curiosity and creativity as we build and test a variety of contraptions!  Registration deadline is July 17.

Camps for Ages 9-11

June 5 - 9
Mad Scientists!
Explore the crazy world of science through experimentation. Explore the force behind bottle rockets, investigate the states of matter through oobleck, be shocked by the concept of electricity, and many more experiments!  Registration deadline extended to May 29.

June 19 - 23
Mythical Mayhem
Train against zombies, battle dragons, learn the truth about mermaids, design your own mythical creature, and so much more! This camp will be teaming with fun and exciting myths from around the world.  Registration deadline is June 5.

June 26 - 30
Junior Naturalists
Do you like spending time outside learning about nature?  This camp is just for you!  Campers will explore our local outdoor treasures and earn Junior Naturalist certification along the way.  Dress for the outdoors!  Registration deadline is June 12.

July 10 - 14
Space in Pop Culture
Do you like Star Wars? How about Star Trek? If so, then this camp is for you! "Space in Pop Culture" will focus on the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises and the accuracy of how space is portrayed within those movies. We will talk about space travel (rockets and cryogenesis), AI (robotics), as well as alien life. We’ll even have conversations and engineering experiments based on terraforming a new planet. The campers will also spend some time conducting experiments based on NASA research, which will include challenges NASA has assigned to the public. Finally, as an added bonus, there will be an astronaut training themed fun day! Registration deadline has been extended to July 3.

July 24 - 28
Adventure Around the World
Pack your bags, adventure awaits!  Sail the high seas as pirates, discover hidden mummy tombs in Egypt, and travel back in time to feudal Japan to train as ninjas.  Discover and learn about animals from around the world.  
Registration deadline is July 10.

July 31 - August 4
Country Creation
Ever wondered what goes into creating your own country?  Well, now you can!  Campers will delve into the important aspects of environment, culture, government, and more by creating land and countries in a new world!  Registration deadline is July 17.


Camps for Ages 12 - 14

June 5 - 9
Dragon Breath Academy
Inspired by the Harry Potter series, campers will attend school at the VMNH castle to learn about the history, mythology, and science behind a magical world. They will explore the chemistry of potions, discover legendary plants and learn about creatures from mythology, all within the walls of Dragonbreath Academy. On “graduation” day, campers will attend a feast and the house cup will be awarded.  Registration deadline extended to May 29.

July 24 - 28
Outdoor Survival Skills
Map reading, fire starting, hunting, and fishing are just a few of the topics covered in the Outdoor Survival Camp! Each day will be devoted to a different aspect of outdoor survival with the campers testing their skills at the end of the week.  Did we mention there will be s’mores?  Registration deadline is July 10.