Ben here with Friday's #BenInNature update!

Ben here with Friday's #BenInNature update!

Ben here with Friday's #BenInNature update! When I first began noticing this strange fungus on my property, I thought to myself, "I wonder what that fungus is that looks like a coral." As it turns out, it's a coral fungus!

Coral fungi, also called clavarioid fungi, are generally studied as an informal group. It was originally believed that they all belonged to the same genus (Clavaria), but it turns out that even though many of them look quite similar, they aren't closely related. As I've mentioned before, I don't post a lot of fungi for the same reason I don't eat wild fungi: they can be really difficult to identify!

What coral fungi do have in common is that they produce simple or branching fruiting bodies and their spores are released from the sides of the fruiting bodies. When we see a mushroom, we usually think of the mushroom as being the entire organism; in fact, for most of the life cycle of a fungus, you won't even see it unless you go digging in the ground or leaf litter to find the mycelium (the roots, basically). When a fungus produces a fruiting body above the soil, its sole purpose is to spread spores to make new fungi.

Most coral fungi are saprotrophic, meaning they digest decaying organic material, while a few are ectomycorrhizal, meaning that they form a symbiotic relationship with the roots of living trees!

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