#BenInNature is on vacation!

#BenInNature is on vacation!

#BenInNature is on vacation! While he's out, we're going to look back at the first daily nature updates from way back in March! The following post was originally published March 17, 2020.

GAH! What is that? This is a macro shot of a crane fly (flies in the family Tipulidae). These flies look like giant mosquitoes, but have no fear; they're perfectly harmless. The adults only eat flower nectar. In addition to their mosquito-like appearance, crane flies can be easily spotted based on their clumsy, wobbly flight. They spend most of their lives as worm-like larvae popularly called "leatherjackets." These larvae eat roots, and they are sometimes considered a pest to those who like to maintain immaculate yards. In many parts of the world, crane flies are known as "daddy long legs," while in the U.S., that nickname applies almost exclusively to the spindly-legged arachnids known as Harvestmen (order Opiliones). #BenInNature

About #BenInNature
Social distancing can be difficult, but it presents a great opportunity to become reacquainted with nature. While he is working from home, Administrator of Science Ben Williams is venturing outdoors each day to record a snapshot of the unique sights that can be found in the natural world.

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