Dr. Adam Pritchard, assistant curator of paleontology, may be hunkered down at home for the time being, but he's still determined to bring the wonders and knowledge of paleontology to VMNH audiences through his informative and fun video series titled "Tales of Ancient Life"!

In this episode, Dr. Pritchard tells the story of cats - both ancient and modern - with a special guest appearance by VMNH Administrator of Science Ben Williams as Joe Exotic of Tiger King!

Cats are highly evolved animals, with incredible refinements to their teeth and claws that allow them to be exceptional predators. In this video, Dr. Pritchard discusses the unique characteristics of cats, as well as the three major dynasties of cats in the history of our planet: Pantherinae, Felinae, and Machairodontinae. #TalesOfAncientLife

NEW! If you think you've found a fossil and would like to get it checked out by Dr. Pritchard or other museum scientists and staff, please go to the VMNH contact form located on the official VMNH website at https://www.vmnh.net/forms/contact and we'll get you in touch with the right person!

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