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Written by: Nancy Moncrief
Tuesday March 15, 2016

I recently attended the annual meeting of the Virginia Chapter of The Wildlife Society, which met at a conference center in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Like other conferences I go to regularly, I used this meeting as a venue to network with other scientists, discuss my ongoing research, and plan future collaborations.

Biologists from throughout Virginia were in attendance.  Not surprisingly, the largest contingent represented the state agency charged with monitoring and managing our wildlife populations, the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF).  The head of that agency joined us and presented a brief overview of DGIF, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.  

There were also quite a few professionals from federal agencies such as US Fish and Wildlife Service and US Department of Agriculture.  Other attendees included students and faculty members from academic institutions including Radford University, Virginia Tech, Bridgewater College, and Ferrum College. 

The program included more than 20 presentations on topics ranging from methods for surveying bats to statewide programs that conserve habitat for native wildlife. VMNH Research Associate Ray Dueser and I presented results of our research on genetics and ecology of raccoons that inhabit the Virginia barrier islands.

A presentation at the 2016 meeting of the Virginia Chapter of The Wildlife Society.A presentation at the 2016 meeting of the Virginia Chapter of The Wildlife Society.

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