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Tuesday June 3, 2014

The Insects of Virginia

We’re pleased to announce that back issues of the VMNH publications Insects of Virginia and Myriapodologica are now available as free PDFs on our website.

Both publications began as print journals many decades ago, and are now available digitally for the first time.  We’re excited to make them available to researchers, scholars, and anyone else who is interested, especially as many of these works are now out of print.

The Insects of Virginia (ISSN 0098-1222) describes the state insect fauna in standardized treatments of individual taxa, usually a family or group of small families. The emphasis is on identification and geographic and seasonal distribution, but information on systematics and biology is included wherever possible and relevant.

Myriapodologica (ISSN 0163-5395) contains papers on the taxonomy and evolution of the four classes of "myriapod" arthropods. A volume consisted of 10 to 15 separate papers, numbered and paged consecutively.

We’re still in the process of scanning some volumes of both publications, but many volumes are already available, and we plan to have complete runs of both journals online in the coming weeks and months.  You can also find PDFs of all volumes of Jeffersoniana (ISSN 1061-1878) on our website.

A project like this requires the hard work and kind assistance of many people.  We’d like to thank Dr. Paul Marek, Tim McCoy, and Virginia Tech Insect Systematics Group for undertaking the scanning of Myriapodologica. Krystal Davis, Administrative Assistant to the Research and Collections Department here at VMNH, has overseen the scanning of The Insects of Virginia and all the uploading and organization of the PDFs of all publications on our website.  We’re very grateful to everyone involved, and excited to expand our publications presence on the web.

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