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Written by: Elizabeth Moore
Monday March 23, 2015

Dr. Elizabeth Moore, VMNH Curator of Archaeology, and Jessica Clark, Archaeology Lab Assistant, recently had the opportunity to assist in an archaeological survey at a Native American village site in the Martinsville/Henry County area. Led by William and Mary graduate student Maddy Gunter, a field crew of five excavated two shovel test pits and then started a pedestrian survey. A shovel test pit is a small pit that is excavated to determine the presence of artifacts and how deep the soils are in an area. In a pedestrian survey, archaeologists walk in straight lines at a given interval over a plowed field and mark the location of each spot where an artifact is seen with a bright flag. The artifact density was high enough at this site that we used all of our flags within about 15 minutes. And that was only over about a third of the field! We spotted stone tools, pottery fragments, and charcoal.  We look forward to more opportunities to do some fieldwork and learning more about Maddy’s research.

Jessica Clark, flagging artifact locations during the pedestrian survey.

Tags: Archaeology, Dr. Elizabeth Moore, Research and Collections