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Written by: Elizabeth Moore
Wednesday March 25, 2015

Dr. Elizabeth Moore, VMNH Curator of Archaeology recently hosted Dr. Bernard Means and some of the students of the Virtual Archaeology Scanning Team from VCU at VMNH. While at VMNH, Dr. Means and the students scanned several bone tools and fossils and had a tour of the exhibits and behind-the-scenes at the museum. Several of the students are also in a VCU class that is preparing materials for the VMNH exhibit, Exploring Virginia, that opens this fall. These students were able to see the space where their displays will be exhibited and learn about some of the challenges of preparing materials for exhibit.

Photo by E. Moore

Photo by B. Means

Photo by B. Means.


Tags: Archaeology, Dr. Elizabeth Moore, Research and Collections, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virtual Curation Lab