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Thursday December 3, 2015

Ray Vodden, VMNH’s Paleontology Research Technician, organized a display of fossil replicas (casts) and actual fossils at a movie theatre in Danville for this past weekend’s showings of “The Good Dinosaur”.  While at the theatre, Ray and other VMNH staff members interacted with more than 900 movie patrons and shared information about the Museum and upcoming events.  These events include the new Ice Age exhibit, which opens on December 19, and the next Dino Day, which is scheduled for January 23, 2016.

Among the fossils on display were vertebrae from Triceratops and a sauropod dinosaur (shown in the case below).

Also featured were a cast skeleton of a giant beaver (which is featured in the new Ice Age exhibit) and a cast skull of Tyranosaurus rex (shown below).  Next year’s Dino Day will include a full T. rex skeleton as well as an entire Triceratops skeleton.


Tags: Outreach, Paleontology, Ray Vodden, Research and Collections

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