Eastern Virginia


  • available to educators for classrooms, community centers, parks and other venues;Eastern Virginia Class
  • best suited for groups of 30 or less;
  • reasonably priced with discounts available for multiple programs;
  • about an hour long;
  • offered year-round;
  • designed to address a variety of topics in the life sciences, earth sciences, environmental sciences, math, and pre-history of the region;
  • adapted to meet the needs of the participants and new programs can be created upon request; and,
  • correlated to the Virginia Standards of Learning.

To schedule a program or learn more about program topics, please call 757-870-9015 or susan.walton@vmnh.virginia.gov.


$90 for one program
$135 for two programs (same topic)
$170 for three programs (same topic)
$210 for four programs (same topic)

- A nominal mileage fee and staff travel time fee will be added for programs outside of the Gloucester area. For more information, contact discover@vmnh.virginia.gov.

About Susan Walton, Eastern Virginia Outreach Coordinator

Susan WaltonCoordinating the museum's eastern Virginia outreach program is Susan Walton, a resident of Gloucester who has been recognized as a top educator in the Commonwealth throughout her teaching career of more than 30 years. Walton has served a variety of positions within the Gloucester County school system, including teaching life science and physical science, as well as serving as science department chairman.

In addition to teaching, Walton is the author of multiple life science resources developed for the Virginia Department of Education, and has played key roles serving as member of several review committees for the Virginia Standards of Learning. Walton loves the outdoors and is a member of the Peninsula Chapter of Virginia Master Naturalists, working on their advanced training committee and editing the newsletter.

“There are many resources to share with educators in Tidewater through the Virginia Natural History Museum that aren’t accessible in the average classroom. It’s exciting to be able to offer these materials to our children through programs are available on a huge variety of science concepts. We also have programs that focus on the environmental topics of our Chesapeake Bay region.”

"I am eager to use my experience with ecology and scientific investigation to bring greater appreciation and understanding of the natural world to the students of eastern Virginia," said Walton. "I feel many children today lack a connection to the natural world and I am passionate about providing more opportunities for students to reconnect, explore, and understand the environment."