Jean S. Adams Education Pavilion

The Jean S. Adams Education Pavilion represents a significant economic development and quality of life initiative that will generate greater public awareness of the Virginia Museum of Natural History, partnering organizations and the entire region. The Pavilion and its resulting education programs, interpretive elements and multi-use functionality will enhance the experiences of students, visitors and other groups through extended visits, enriched interpretation, and multi-use opportunities. In addition to enhancing visitor experiences, the Pavilion will serve as a significant draw for increased visitation to the museum and the region.

The increased awareness of the participating institutions and the region will result in increased visits by visitors from the primary audience of those living within a 50-mile radius of Martinsville, along with increased visitor spending throughout the region.

Jean S. Adams Education Pavilion

Jean S. Adams Education Pavilion: Exhibits

In order to supplement the visitor experience, while enhancing critical STEM-based lessons, the museum is leading a public campaign to raise funds for the first-ever life-sized model of Pelagornis sandersi, the bird with the largest wingspan ever known. This one-of-a-kind exhibit will be featured in the Jean S. Adams Education Pavilion, supporting lessons on ecology in connection with J. Frank Wilson Park.  

To support the Pelagornis campaign, please contact us at 276-634-4163 or  Click here to download a mailable gift form.

Pelagornis sandersi once flew over Virginia with a wingspan of over 20 feet. The museum has commissioned the creation of a 3-D model of this amazing creature, which will be displayed within the new Jean S. Adams Education Pavilion opening in summer 2020. As the museum continues to expand its public programs and partnerships with area schools, this one-of-a-kind exhibit and its corresponding STEM-based lessons will help the museum inspire thousands of students and families each year.

Jean S. Adams Education Pavilion: Status and Timeline

Museum leaders have secured support for the construction of the Jean S. Adams Education Pavilion, with funding provided by Mr. George Adams and family, the Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission, the Harvest Foundation, Mr. William Mayer, and many other generous supporters. Thanks to a wonderful gift from Mr. Adams and his family, the structure has been named in memory of his late wife, Jean S. Adams.  Campaign supporters include:

George Adams & Family
Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission
The Harvest Foundation
William Mayer

Darren & Caren Aaron
C. Reed Anderson
Nancy Baker
Ted Balabanis
Ryan Barber
Gayle Barts
LeAnn & Roy Binger
Robert & Sharon Bushnell
Gary & Susan Collins
Faye & Peter Cooper
Jennifer & Darren Doss
Tim Gette
Charlotte Harter
Betsy & Mark Ivey
Heather Jackson
Barry Jarrett
Joseph & Ellen Jessee
Dr. Mervyn & Virginia King
Carol Lougheed
Dr. David Martin
Paul & Patricia May
Gail & Henry Mitchell
Dr. & Mrs. J. Peyton Moore
James Muehleck
Melody & Keith Oliver
Coy & Linda Park
Greg Preston
Zachary Ryder
J. Randolph Smith
Robin & Carl Smith
Betty Stephenson
Julie Thomas
James Tobin
Robert & Gail Vogler
Eddie & Melissa White
Clement Wheatley Law Firm
Charles & Ella Wickham
Ellen Wood

June 11
Groundbreaking ceremony for the Pavilion

Architectural design of the Pavilion

Fall 2019 – Summer 2020
Construction of the Pavilion and installation of the featured Pelagornis exhibit

July 26, 2020
Opening of the Jean S. Adams Education Pavilion

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