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October 15, 2008

News Article:

New to the Martinsville area? Considering staying in town for a while? Or are you just stopping by for the weekend to enjoy the race like most fans this weekend?

One way to meet new faces while in town is Martinsville's Lunch on the Run. It's designed for locals to interact and become part of that family atmosphere that so defines the quaint little town in Southern Virginia. And it's good for the heart, too. The group walk begins at 12:05 p.m. Thursday at the Uptown Trailhead on Franklin Street.

It's a perfect example of how Martinsville provides opportunities not just to succeed in career and life, but to intertwine those with the folks that surround you. Martinsville's slogan is "A city without limits," and by breaking down the social fences that keep the citizens from making new friends, the city is indeed progressive in fostering a family feel.

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Area Attractions

AttractionWeb site
Bluegrass at the Rives
de Spot
Infinity Acres Alpaca Farm
Lunch on the Run
Martinsville Historic District
Moravian Trail
Patrick Henry Monument
Smith River Trout Fishing
Uptown Martinsville Farmers Market

Editor's Pick


Virginia Museum of Natural History -- It was a time when mastodons, shoveltuskers, spiraltuskers and gomphotheres all roamed North America. The Ice Age. Check out some of the fossil discoveries and research of these creatures in TUSKS!: Ice Age Mammoths and Mastodons. This special exhibit is at the Virginia Museum of Natural History until January.

LaNita88 -- The Ville! Whenever I get the opportunity to go home to Martinsville, I always have a list of restaurants that I must go to! El Ranchitos (or Mi Ranchitos which is closer to the track) -- BEST Mexican food anywhere. I live in Texas and I have lived in California. I have even been to Mexico! El Ranchitos is the BEST! Their frozen margaritas are major league YUMMY too!

Najjars -- awesome pizza! The steak and cheese hoagies are the bomb! That is also the second-best place to buy a Red-Eye (the bowling alley would be the best place).

Friday's -- this is not T.G.I. Friday's, it is a sub place. Awesome club sandwiches!

Pig-R-Us- it is all about barbecue!

Some other great places: The Dixie Pig and Garfield's Chicken in a Basket.

As for the Martinsville hot dog ... do not get me wrong because the hot dogs at the track are GREAT and very cheap compared to food at other tracks. The best hot dogs are at the local convenience stores around the county. My favorite is The Village Market.

So if you are looking to experience the local flavor, check out one of these restaurants!

grpjr -- The only limits I know of is how big of a cooler you can take in. The little six-packers just make me thirsty.


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