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June 27, 2016

Order your copies of The Geology of Virginia today!

Geology of VirginiaThe Geology of Virginia is now available for purchase from the Virginia Museum of Natural History's online store.  The 538 page book is the first comprehensive review of Virginia's geology published in over a century. The Geology of Virginia describes, in depth, the geological features and history of the Commonwealth, with detailed information about all regions of the Commonwealth. Print copies are $35 each.

“This historic publication will be a ‘must-have’ on the book-shelves of all those fascinated with Virginia and its rich geologic features and history,” said Dr. Joe B. Keiper, executive director of VMNH.

Virginia encompasses five distinct geologic provinces and contains a rich variety of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks that range in age from 2.5 billion years ago to the present. The Commonwealth also has a wealth of distinctive landforms and active processes that continue to modify its surface. Few states can match Virginia’s geologic diversity, according to Dr. Jim Beard, curator of earth sciences at the museum.

"The Geology of Virginia is the first comprehensive review of Virginia Geology in over a century. It represents the combined efforts of more than 40 geoscience professionals and covers all aspects of regional, historical, economic, and hazards geology," said Dr. Jim Beard, who also serves as director of research and collections at the museum. "This book provides a baseline for future work and will be a standard reference for geologists for decades to come."

The Geology of Virginia is the 18th installment of the Virginia Museum of Natural History's "Special Publications" series, which includes contributions from museum scientists and researchers throughout the U.S. that range in content from handbooks, bibliographic catalogs and checklists, and edited volumes of symposium proceedings.

The book is sold exclusively at the Virginia Museum of Natural History's Museum Store in Martinsville and through its online store.

Order your copies of The Geology of Virginia today!

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