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These are the news articles for the selected month.

Mom Was Right: Eat Your Vegetables- To avoid dementia, speaker says

July 25, 2008

Eat your vegetables, and plenty of them.

Physician's Council Holding Retreat Here

July 18, 2008
A group from the Virginia Chapter of the American College of Physicians is holding a retreat in Martinsville today and Saturday.

A Hands-On Experience

July 14, 2008
Just what do they do at the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research?

New Grads Tour Southside- Governor's Fellows on Track

July 11, 2008
Taking laps around the Martinsville Speedway at high speeds in an official NASCAR pace car on Thursday was an experience that some recent college graduates from across Virginia may never forget.

State Official: Scammers Target Older Residents

July 9, 2008
Many con artists and scammers consider older people to be the "perfect victims" for their crimes, a state official told local seniors on Tuesday.

Two-Ton, 500 Million-Year-Old Fossil of Stromatolite Discovered in Virginia, U.S.

July 4, 2008
Virginia Museum of Natural History scientists have confirmed that an approximately 500 million-year-old stromatolite was recently discovered at the Boxley Blue Ridge Quarry near Roanoke, Virginia.

Rare Fossil Called 'Phenomenal'- It arrives at VMNH for study, future exhibit

July 3, 2008

It has not gotten around much in 500 million years, but a six-foot stromatolite moved Wednesday from its Cambrian-age resting place near Roanoke to Martinsville.

500 Million Year Old Fossil Makes History In Our Area

July 3, 2008
History is being made in our of our local museums.

Quarry Workers Find a 2-Ton Fossil- The Virginia Museum of Natural History says the stromatolite was formed by algae some 500 million years ago

July 1, 2008
It looks like a turtle shell, or a mushroom top, or maybe even the remnants of a flying saucer. And it's coming soon to the Virginia Museum of Natural History: