Privacy Policy

Web Site Privacy 
The Virginia Museum of Natural History maintains a database of names, addresses and contact information of those persons who have provided financial support through membership, donations, purchases, or have indicated an interest in our programming or activities. From time to time, newsletters, e-newsletters, requests for membership, or requests for financial support are mailed and/or emailed to persons on this list. Please read on for more details about our privacy policy.  The museum does not sell or rent your information to for-profit organizations, although postal address lists are occasionally exchanged with other local non-profit organizations.

Email Addresses 
The Web site collects your email address for the purpose of responding to inquiries, sending donation, membership, transaction confirmations and communicating with you as a supporter of Virginia Museum of Natural History.

Payment Processing and Management
The Web site uses to process and manage payments.  More information about privacy and terms of use can be found at Privacy and Terms of Use.

All donor information that is retained is stored on servers that are kept in a physically secure environment with strict policies that minimize staff access to the information contained therein.

Questions about our policies? 
If you have questions, please contact the Virginia Museum of Natural History at 276-634-4141 or email us via this Web site's contact page.

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