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Weight: 179 g

This kit allows students to compare teeth from two different horses: one that lived 14 thousand years ago, and one that lived 14 million years ago. By measuring the teeth and making observations about tooth wear, they will be able to determine how tall the horses were, how old they were when they died, and whether or not they belong to the same species.

The handouts linked below (pdf format) include the teacher’s guide, student handout, sample answers, and correlations with the Next Generation Science Standards or the listed state science standards.

Teacher’s Guide – NGSS version

Teacher’s Guide – Virginia SOL version



 The kit includes the following:

  • A cast of a 14,000-year-old horse tooth (Equus sp.)
  • A cast of the upper teeth of a 14 million-year-old horse (Calippus regulus)
  • A pair of calipers
  • Two identification cards
  • Storage box
Price: $ 20.00