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Christopher M. Bailey, W. Cullen Sherwood, L. Scott Eaton, David S. Powars


The Virginia Commonwealth encompasses five distinct geologic provinces, and contains a rich variety of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks that range in age from the Proterozoic to the present. Virginia also has a wealth of distinctive landforms and active processes that continue to modify its surface. Few states can match Virginia’s geologic diversity.

Research into Virginia’s geology has been conducted for well over two hundred years. This volume provides a modern overview of Virginia’s geology and updates the geologic community on recent advances made in understanding Virginia’s geologic history.

This volume is intended as a resource for professional geologists, graduate students, and upper-level undergraduates. Geologists unfamiliar with Virginia will be able to use this volume as a primer to the region. The volume brings together, as a coherent package, information that is currently widely dispersed throughout the geologic literature.


Brief History of Geological Research In Virginia
C. Rick Berquist, Robert C. Whisonant

Paleozoic Sedimentary Successions of the Virginia Valley and Ridge and Plateau
J. Fred Read, Kenneth A. Eriksson

Structural Geometry of the Valley and Ridge and Plateau Provinces
Mark A. Evans, Randall C. Orndorff, William Henika

Geology of the Western Piedmont in Virginia
James P. Hibbard, James S. Beard, William S. Henika, J. Wright Horton, Jr.

Geology of the Eastern Piedmont in Virginia
J. Wright Horton, Jr., Brent E. Owens, Paul C. Hackley, William C. Burton, Paul E. Sacks, James P. Hibbard

Early Mesozoic Geology in Virginia
Joseph P. Smoot

Geology of the Virginia Coastal Plain:
New Insights From Continuous Cores and Geophysical Surveys
David S. Powars, Lucy E. Edwards, Gerald H. Johnson, C. Rick Berquist

Crustal Structure and Seismicity of Virginia
Samuel T. Peavy, John K. Costain, Cahit Çoruh

Landscape Evolution in Virginia
G. Richard Whittecar, Wayne L. Newell, L. Scott Eaton

Soils of Virginia
W. Cullen Sherwood, Frederick M. Garst

Hydrogeology of Virginia
David L. Nelms, George E. Harlow, Jr., T. Scott Bruce

Atlantic Coast and Inner Shelf
David E. Krantz, Carl H. Hobbs, III, Geoffrey L. Wikel

Geologic Hazards of Virginia
L. Scott Eaton, R. Craig Kochel, David A. Hubbard Jr., Fiorella V. Simoni de Cannon, Douglas G. Mose

Non-Fuel Mineral Resources in Virginia
Palmer C. Sweet, William L. Lassetter, W. Cullen Sherwood

James A. Lovett, Karen K. Hostettler

Oil and Gas
Robert C. Milici

Fossil Vertebrates of Virginia
Alton C. Dooley Jr.

W. Cullen Sherwood, Sarah C. Sherwood

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