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C. Barry Kinsley and Tom Schultz

Tiger beetles, with their colorful appearance, interesting habits, and amazing diversity, have long attracted the attention of amateur naturalists and professional biologists. In the last 20 years, tiger beetles have become one of the best-studied groups of non-pest insects and are increasingly chosen as indicator species or "poster insects" for efforts to preserve natural habitats.

This richly illustrated book provides a comprehensive review of research on the natural history, systematics, behavior, physiology, ecology, and conservation of tiger beetles. The authors draw upon past and recent studies and their own extensive research experience to provide a synthesis of current knowledge on tiger beetle biology. Moreover, they apply this knowledge to a detailed description of the rich fauna of the south Atlantic coastal states (Delaware to Georgia); a region where tiger beetle populations have been little studied but heavily affected by change.

Accounts of 30 species include descriptions (with color photos), adult and larval habitats, distributions (with maps and county records), and extensive summaries of what is known about the biology of each species. A key to the species is provided as well as methods for collecting, preserving, studying, and caring for both larval and adult tiger beetles.

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