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Edited by Steven M. Roble and Joseph C. Mitchell

Richard Hoffman is a native Virginian who has devoted most of his life to the natural history of Virginia and the southern Appalachians, while also earning an international reputation as the leading authority on the world's milliped fauna. He has published 485 scholarly papers and books, and more than 50 popular articles on such diverse taxa as millipeds, amphibians, reptiles, worms, mollusks, arachnids, beetles, and true bugs. He has described more than 600 new taxa and has had nearly 50 taxa named in his honor.

Prior to his retirement on April 1, 2009, Dr. Hoffman served as the Curator of Recent Invertebrates at the Virginia Museum of Natural History for 20 years. In celebration of his 80th birthday and career achievements, numerous colleagues, coworkers, friends, and family participated in a symposium and banquet at the museum on September 22, 2007. This collection of 32 papers from 41 authors on four continents is representative of Hoffman's broad taxonomic interests, and includes species ranging from salamanders, millipeds, centipeds, and crustaceans to insects, plants, and fossil mammals. Descriptions are presented for one new genus and 32 new species, 11 of which are named in honor of Hoffman. Several of these species occupy highly threatened habitats and are potentially threatened with extinction.

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