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Lauck W. Ward

In spite of over one hundred years of attention to the Miocene geology of the Coastal Plain of the middle Atlantic states of North America, until the publication of this volume the area lacked a comprehensive biostratigraphic framework. In this volume, biostratigraphic concepts are reviewed and a zonation based on mollusks is proposed that covers the relatively complete Miocene section in Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina. A series of eight interval-zones are described, based on first-occurrence data of stratigraphically important mollusks, and the entire time sequence of the Miocene is represented. The mollusks used in the study are treated systematically, and their nomenclatural histories as well as their geographic and stratigraphic ranges discussed. Thirty-five new species or subspecies and seven new genera are named and described. This well-illustrated monograph on the Miocene strata and fauna will be an essential source for scientists, educators, students, and amateurs. The twenty-six excellent fossil plates and the thirty-two graphically depicted outcrop sections make the volume valuable both in the laboratory and field. This refinement of the molluscan systematics clears up much of the confusion in nomenclature of Maryland and Virginia fossils.

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