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Dr. Judith E. Winston and Dr. Peter J. Hayward

The Virginia Museum of Natural History has published “The Marine Bryozoans of the Northeast Coast of the United States: Maine to Virginia.” This publication, co-authored by Dr. Judith E. Winston and Dr. Peter J. Hayward, is the museum’s 11th memoir.

This guidebook describes the most common species of intertidal (the area that is above water at low tide and under water at high tide) and subtidal (below the low-tide mark but still shallow and close to shore) bryozoans of the northeast coast of North America from Maine to Virginia. Bryozoans are colonial invertebrate animals that live in water and filter food particles out of the water using retractable tentacles.

This is the only guide to the identification and distribution of bryozoans of this region published in the last 100 years. This publication includes 12 species that are either newly described or are given new names, along with one new genus that is described and discussed.

Dr. Judith E. Winston is curator of marine biology at the Virginia Museum of Natural History in Martinsville, Virginia. Dr. Peter J. Hayward is honorary research fellow at Swansea University in Wales, United Kingdom.

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