Guidebooks are publications, often semi-popular, designed to assist readers on a particular subject in a particular region. They may be produced to accompany members of an excursion or may serve as a field guide for a specific geographic area.

Guidebook Number 1

Early to Middle Carnian (Triassic) Flora and Fauna of the Richmond and Taylorsville Basins, Virginia and Maryland, U.S.A.
Bruce Cornet and Paul E. Olsen

Guidebook Number 2

Geologic Evolution of the Eastern United States: Field Trip Guidebook, NE-SE GSA 1991
Edited by Art Schultz and Ellen Compton-Gooding
Out of Print

Guidebook Number 3

Stratford Hall and Westmoreland State Park: Physical and Cultural Geography, Geology and Paleontology
Linda B. Rohr, Michael E. Lewis and L.W. Ward, eds.
Out of Print

Guidebook Number 4

Eocene and Oligocene Stratigraphy of Southeastern North Carolina
Lauck W. Ward
Out of Print

Guidebook Number 5

Geology and Paleontology of the Stratford Hall Plantation and Westmoreland State Park
L.W. Ward and A.C. Dooley, Jr.
Out of Print

Guidebook Number 6

Geology in the Southside Virginia Piedmont
Philip Bradley, Bart Cattanach, William Henika, James Hibbard, Mutlu Ozdogan, Eleanora Robbins and Paul Thayer

Guidebook Number 7

Geology and Paleontology of the James River: Richmond to Hampton Roads
Lauck W. Ward

Guidebook Number 8

Lee Creek Mine - Aurora, North Carolina: History, Mining Operations, Geology, Stratigraphy, and Paleontology
L.W. Ward and Ivan K. Gilmore

Guidebook Number 9

Stitching the Western Piedmont of Virginia: Early Paleozoic Tectonic History of the Ellisville Pluton and the Potomac and Chopawamsic Terranes
K. Stephen Hughes, James P. Hibbard, R. Tyler Sauer, and William C. Burton
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