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Summer Adventure Camps

The museum's highly-popular summer adventure camps are back this year, with themes ranging from Dino Discovery to Hulks, Hogwarts, and Hurricanes! The week-long, day camps are offered to two separate age groups - 6 to 8 and 9 to 11. Please check-out the listing of camps below to find the perfect match or matches for your child!  Scholarships are available!

$115 members/$125 non-members per camp
*Scholarships are available!  Please contact us at 276-634-4185 to determine if you qualify.
**Extra fees may apply for some camps.
***Rates include a morning and afternoon snack, as well as all activities such as take-home crafts, engineer designs, group projects, and experiments.

9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
*Before and after camp care is available upon request.

To register, please submit the forms below before the camp registration deadline, along with a $25 non-refundable deposit.  The $25 will be deducted from the cost of camp and the balance due one (1) week prior to the camp.  (Or, you can pay in full by post-dating a check for the first day of camp).  A minimum of eight (8) campers are required to conduct a camp.  If you have any questions, please call (276) 634-4185 or email discover@vmnh.virginia.gov.

Form Downloads

Camps for Ages 6 - 8

June 25 - 29
Animal Adventures – Have fun as we explore exotic and familiar animals from around the world. Daily hands-on activities will focus on different habitats, how animals adapt to their environments, and what makes each creature special.
Registration deadline is June 11.  Camp is now FULL.

July 9 - 13
Mad Scientist - Become a scientist and explore the world around you through exciting and fun experiments. Campers will be able to make messy mixtures and watch stuff explode in this very hands-on camp! Dress to get messy!
Camp is now FULL.

July 23 - 27
Dino Discovery – Let’s travel back in time to when dinosaurs ruled the earth. Campers will examine how fossils form and explore the museum’s dinosaur exhibit. Campers who attend this camp will gain free entry to the museum’s Dino Festival occurring the Friday and Saturday after camp ends.
Registration deadline is July 9.  Camp is now FULL.

July 30 - August 3
Nature Around Us – Be prepared to get dirty as we learn about gardening and taking care of Mother Earth. Hands-on activities will explore plants and critters in the garden, recycling and conservation, as well as tools and tips for making your garden grow. Dress for the outdoors/messy.
Registration deadline is July 16.  Camp is now FULL.

Camps for Ages 9 - 11

June 4 - 8
Outdoor Adventures – Campers will discover the amazing plants and animals that call our backyard home as we explore the trails and natural areas around VMNH. Dress for the outdoors!
Registration deadline extended to May 30.

June 11 - 15
Space Camp - Come find out if you can make it as an astronaut! This camp is all about space and everything in it! Space suits, aliens, even ice cream! Campers who attend this camp will gain free entry to the museum’s first ever Space Festival occurring the Saturday after camp ends.
Registration deadline extended to June 4.

June 25 - 29
Cooking for Curious Chefs - From bread, to candy, to eggrolls, campers will find out first-hand the science behind preparing food. Campers will experiment with recipes and create delicious treats to enjoy at the end of each day! Join us for the tastiest camp around! Dress to get messy.  An additional fee of $10 will apply ($135 non-members /$125 members).
Camp is now FULL. 

July 9 - 13
Hulk, Hogwarts, and Hurricanes! - This high-energy camp is centered on fun-filled action movies. Campers will explore the world of Harry Potter, the Avengers universe, and a variety of other mayhem packed movies! Learn if you have what it takes to survive through your favorite films!
Registration deadline is June 25.  Cancelled due to low registration.

July 16 - 20
Let’s Experiment! – No need to panic as we explore natural disasters from a safe distance and the fascinating world of science through experiments. Each day will include a hands-on activity to investigate the causes and effects of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, plus you don’t (and you won’t) want to miss erupting fizz and elephant toothpaste! Dress to get messy.
Registration deadline is July 2.  Camp is now FULL.