Volume 1

1978 – 1984

  1. Revalidation of the generic name Rudiloria Causey, 1955 (Polydesmida: Xystodesmidae). Richard L. Hoffman. 1978.
  2. Chelodesmid studies. XIV. On the systematic status of the genera Caraibodesmus and Platyurodesmus, and the proposal of the new tribe Caraibodesmin.  Richard L. Hoffman. 1979.
  3. Chelodesmid studies. XV. The identity and status of the generic name Strongylosomides Attems. Richard L. Hoffman. 1979.
  4. Prosopodesmus panporus, an interesting new species of polydesmoid millipede from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew England. J. Gordon Blower and Adrian J. Rundle. 1980.
  5. Zoological results of the British Speleological Expedition to Papua New Guinea, 1975. Malayothrix papuara, n. sp., the first chordeumid milliped from New Guinea (Chordeumida, Metopidiotrichidae). William A. Shear. 1980.
  6. Zoological results of the British Speleological Expedition to Papua New Guinea, 1975. A new species of the subgenus Australobius, genus Lithobius (Chilopoda: Lithobiomorpha) from Papua New Guinea. E. H. Eason. 1980.
  7. Identité du genre Oroxenus Chamberlin (Polyxenida: Lophoproctidae). B. Condé. 1980. Note: French with English abstract.  Number 7 was mislabeled as Number 6 at the time of printing.
  8. Two fossil millipeds from the Dominican amber (Diplopoda: Chytodesmidae, Siphonophoridae). William A. Shear. 1981.
  9. Chelodesmid studies. XVII. Revalidation of the generic name Odontopeltis Pocock, 1894, with the description of a new species and notes on other members of the group. Richard L. Hoffman. 1981.
  10. Cabraca unigon, n. gen., n. sp., a remarkable new cleidogonid milliped from Mexico (Chordeumatida: Cleidogonidae). William A. Shear. 1982.
  11. An extraordinary new genus of the millipede family Nemasomatidae (Diplopoda: Julida). Henrik Enghoff. 1982.
  12. The status of Cleptoria deuergens (Chamberlin) (Polydesmida: Xystodesmidae). Rowland M. Shelley. 1983.
  13. A new species of Epinannolene from the Amazon basin, Brazil (Spirostreptida: Pseudonannolenidae). Richard L. Hoffman. 1984.
  14. Cave millipeds of the United States. III. Two new species from the western states (Diplopoda: Polydesmida, Chordeumatida). William A. Shear. 1984.

Volume 2

1984 – 1993

  1. On the status of Lithobius carinipes Daday, L. californicus Daday, and L. filicum Attems, three little-known Nearctic species of Lithobiidae (Chilopoda). E. H. Eason. 1985.
  2. Identity of the Indian cave milliped Typhlopygmaeosoma hazeltonae Turk (Polydesmida: Opisthotretidae?): another case of ordinal misplacement in the Diplopoda. William A. Shear. 1986.
  3. Studies on spirostreptoid millipeds. XVIII. Revalidation of the generic name Doratogonus Attems, 1914, and the status of the name Spirostreptus cristulatus Porat, 1872 (Diplopoda: Spirostreptida). Richard L. Hoffman. 1987.
  4. Systematic position of the milliped Japanosoma scabrum Verhoeff (Chordeumatida, Conotylidae). William A. Shear. 1987.
  5. A new genus and species of spirostreptoid millipeds from the eastern Peruvian Andes (Diplopoda: Spirostreptida). Richard L. Hoffman. 1988.
  6. Systematic position of the milliped family Niponiosomatidae (Diplopoda, Chordeumatida, Brannerioidea). William A. Shear. 1988.
  7. Sphalmatogonus, a genus of Japanese diplopods (Polydesmida: Paradoxosomatidae). Richard L. Hoffman. 1988.
  8. Systematic position of the milliped species Alloiopus solitaries Attems and the genus Ghilarovia Gulicka(Chordeumatida, Anthroleucosomatidae). William A. Shear. 1988.
  9. Identity of Rachis californicus Daday, 1891 (Diplopoda: Polydesmida: Chelodesmidae). Richard L. Hoffman. 1992.
  10. Golovatchia, new genus, and Golovatchiidae, from the Far East of the Russian Republic, with a comment on Hoffmaneumatidae (Diplopoda: Chordeumatidae). William A. Shear. 1992.
  11. Harpagonopus confluens Loomis, a Pacific Coast milliped of the United States and Mexico (Polydesmida: Trichopolydesmoidea). Rowland M. Shelley. 1993.
  12. A new species of Anopsobius from the Falkland Islands, with commentary on the geographic distribution of the genus (Chilopoda: Lithobiomorpha). E. H. Eason. 1993.
  13. A new xystodesmid milliped genus and species from Oregon and Washington (Polydesmida). Rowland M. Shelley. 1993.

Volume 3

1994 – 1995

  1. Rediscovery of the milliped genus Poratophilus Silvestri, 1897 (Spirostreptida: Harpagophoridae). Richard L. Hoffman. 1994.
  2. Metopidiothrix shelleyi, n. sp., the first chordeumatid milliped from the Philippines (Diplopoda, Chordeumatida, Metopidiotrichidae). William A. Shear. 1994.
  3. Studies on spiroboloid millipeds. XVIII. Speleostrophus nesiotes, the first known troglobitic spiroboloid milliped, from Barrow Island, Western Australia (Diplopoda: Pachybolidae: Trigoniulinae). Richard L. Hoffman. 1994.
  4. Japanese chordeumatid millipeds. I. On the genus Speophilosoma Takakuwa (Diplopoda, Chordeumatida, Speophilosomatidae). William A. Shear, Nobuo Tsurusaki, and Tsutomu Tanabe. 1994.
  5. An interesting disjunct new genus of prepodesmine millipeds from Nigeria (Polydesmida: Chelodesmidae). Richard L. Hoffman. 1994.
  6. Japanese chordeumatid millipeds. II. The new genus Nipponothrix (Diplopoda, Chordeumatida, Metopidiotrichidae). William A. Shear and Tsutomu Tanabe. 1994.
  7. Parcipromus, n. gen., a xystodesmid milliped genus from the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California (Polydesmida). Rowland M. Shelley. 1995.
  8. Australian chordeumatidan millipeds. II. A new species of Reginaterreuma Mauriès from Tasmania (Diplopoda, Chordeumatida, Metopidiotrichidae). William A. Shear and Robert Mesibov. 1995.
  9. A disjunct new tribe, genus, and species of chelodesmid millipeds from Paraguay (Polydesmida: Chelodesmidae). Richard L. Hoffman. 1995.
  10. On the taxonomic status of Thindyla Chamberlin, 1955, a genus of Peruvian centipeds with remarkable sternal modification (Geophilomorpha: Schendylidae). Luis A. Pereira and Richard L. Hoffman. 1995.
  11. Japanese chordeumatid millipeds. III.  Yasudatyla, a new genus of alpine conotylid millipeds (Diplopoda, Chordeumatida,Conotylidae). William A. Shear and Nobuo Tsurusaki. 1995.
  12. Anelus richardsoni (Pocock), a Gulf Coastal milliped of the United States and Mexico (Spirobolida: Allopocockiidae). Rowland M. Shelley and Richard L. Hoffman. 1995.
  13. The milliped genus Phallorthus revalidated: another facet of a taxonomic enigma (Spirostreptida: Pseudonannolenidae). Richard L. Hoffman and Eduardo Florez D. 1995.

Volume 4


  1. Cnemodesmus riparius, n. sp., a riparian milliped from the Namib Desert, Africa (Polydesmida: Paradoxosomatidae). Rowland M. Shelley and Clifford S. Crawford. 1996.
  2. The milliped genus Utadesmus Chamberlin & Hoffman (Polydesmida: Polydesmidae). Rowland M. Shelley. 1996.
  3. The identity of Alpertia lunatifrons Loomis, with records of introduced polydesmids from northwestern North America, deletion of Polydesmus racovitzai Brolemann, and identification of invalid taxa (Polydesmida: Polydesmidae). Rowland M. Shelley. 1996.
  4. The milliped order Siphonophorida in the United States and northern Mexico. Rowland M. Shelley. 1996.
  5. The identity of Scolopendra marginata Say (Chilpoda: Scolopendromorpha: Scolopendridae). Richard L. Hoffman and Rowland M. Shelley. 1996.
  6. A new milliped of the genus Pelmatojulus from the Ivory Coast (Spirobolida: Pachybolidae). Richard L. Hoffman and Dieter Mahsberg. 1996.
  7. Two new species of the genus Sphaerotherium Brandt, 1833 from Zimbabwe, together with some biogeographical notes (Diplopoda, Oniscomorpha, Sphaerotheriidae). Mark P. Alderweireldt. 1997.
  8. The identity of Polydesmus sastianus Chamberlin, proposal of a new milliped genus, and remarks on the identity of Phreatodesmus hastingsus (Chamberlin) (Polydesmida: Polydesmidae). Rowland M. Shelley. 1997.
  9. Studies on spirostreptoid millipeds. XX. The taxonomic status of three poorly-known species of Gymnostreptus from Brasil and Paraguay (Spriosteptidae). Richard L. Hoffman. 1997.
  10. Diuncustoma cylindricum, n. gen., n. sp., a rhacodesmid milliped with two gnathochilarial projections (Polydesmida). Rowland M. Shelley. 1997.
  11. Japanese chordeumatid millipeds. IV. The new genus ]apanoparvus (Diplopoda, Chordeumatida, Hoffmaneumatidae). William A. Shear, Tsotomu Tanabe, and Nobuo Tsurusaki. 1997.
  12. A new psaphodesmine genus from New Guinea (Polydesmida: Platyrhacidae). Richard L. Hoffman. 1997.
  13. Pseudotremia conservata, a new cleidogonoid milliped (Diplopoda: Chordeumatida), with a synopsis of the cavernicolous millipeds of Indiana. Richard L. Hoffman and Julian J. Lewis. 1997.
  14. Corypus kavanaughi, n. sp., a large-bodied chordeumatoid milliped from Idaho, with a review of the genus (Conotylidae). Rowland M. Shelley. 1997.

Volume 5


  1. Chelodesmid studies. XXVI. A new genus for Leptodesmus kalobatus Brölemann, 1919 and notes on the related genus Iphyria (Polydesmida: Chelodesmidae: Chondrodesmini). Richard L. Hoffman. 1997.
  2. The identity and taxonomic status of the generic names Schendylops Cook, 1899, and Schendylurus Silvestri, 1907, and the proposal of Orygmadyla, a new related genus from Peru (Chilopoda: Geophilomorpha: Schendylidae). Richard L. Hoffman and Luis A. Pereira. 1997.
  3. Colactoides grandis, n. gen., n. sp., a new callipodoid milliped from Chihuahua (Schizopetalidae: Tynommatinae: Colactidini). Rowland M. Shelley. 1997.
  4. A revision of the milliped genus Cubodesmus (Diplopoda: Polydesmida: Chelodesmidae). Antonio R. Pérez-Asso. 1998.
  5. Studies on spiroboloid millipeds. XIX. Thyroproctus, an exceptional genus in the Rhinocricidae. Richard L. Hoffman. 1998.
  6. Some necessary fine-tuning in the order Spirobolida (Spirobolidae, Messicobolidae, Atopetholidae). Richard L. Hoffman. 1998.
  7. An Appalachian species of Rhysodesmus (Polydesmida: Xystodesmidae: Rhysodesmini). Richard L. Hoffman. 1998.
  8. Cave millipeds of the United States. IV. A new genus and species from a high altitude cave in Colorado (Diplopoda, Chordeumatidae, Tingupidae). William A. Shear and David A. Hubbard, Jr. 1998.
  9. On the identity of two enigmatic Hispaniolan millipeds (Spirobolida: Rhinocricidae). Jean-Paul Mauriès and Richard L. Hoffman. 1998.
  10. Nesobolus and a related new genus from Haiti (Diplopoda: Spirobolida: Rhinocricidae). Richard L. Hoffman. 1998.
  11. The milliped genus Onychelus Cook (Spirobolida: Atopetholidae: Onychelinae). Rowland M. Shelley. 1998.
  12. A new genus of spirostreptid millipeds from Central America (Spirostreptidae). Richard L. Hoffman. 1998.
  13. Reassessment of the Platyrhacidae, a family of polydesmidan millipeds. Richard L. Hoffman. 1998.

Volume 6


  1. A new troglobitic milliped of the genus Nepalella from China (Diplopoda, Chordeumatida, Megalotylidae). William A. Shear. 1999.
  2. The milliped genus Diplomaragna confirmed for Taiwan, with the description of a new species (Diplopoda, Chordeumatida, Diplomaragnidae). William A. Shear. 1999.
  3. A second East-Nearctic species of Rhysodesmus Cook (Polydesmida: Xystodesmidae). Rowland M. Shelley. 1999.
  4. The status of Julus punctatus Say, 1821 (Chordeumatida: Cleidogonidae). Richard L. Hoffman. 1999.
  5. Revision of the milliped subfamily Desmoninae Cook (Polydesmida: Sphaeriodesmidae). Rowland M. Shelley. 2000.
  6. Five new species of Pseudotremia from caves in the Blue River area of southern Indiana (Diplopoda: Chordeumatida: Cleidogonidae). Julian J. Lewis. 2000.
  7. The milliped genus Tirodesmus (Polydesmida: Platyrhacidae). Rowland M. Shelley. 2000.
  8. The milliped genus Piedolus Chamberlin (Spirobolida: Atopetholidae: Arinolinae). Rowland M. Shelley. 2000.
  9. A new callipodoid milliped genus and species from Sinaloa, with the proposal of a new tribe in the subfamily Tynommatinae (Schizopetalidae). Rowland M. Shelley. 2000.
  10. On the generic position of Spinotarsus caboverdus (Spirostreptida: Odontopygidae). Richard L. Hoffman. 2000.
  11. A new genus and species of callipodidan milliped from Vietnam (Callipodida, Schizopetalidae). William A. Shear. 2000.
  12. Two new genera of chelodesmid millipeds from southeastern Brazil (Polydesmida: Chelodesmidae). Richard L. Hoffman. 2000.
  13. Scoterpes sollmani, a new species of subterranean milliped from the Blue River basin of southern Indiana (Diplopoda: Chordeumatida: Trichopetalidae). Julian J. Lewis. 2000.
  14. Parajulid studies II. The subgenus Hakiulus Chamberlin (Julida: Parajulidae: Parajulinae: Aniulini). Rowland M. Shelley. 2000.
  15. A new diplopod of the genus Caralinda Hoffman from South Carolina (Polydesmida: Xystodesmidae). Rowland M. Shelley. 2000.

Volume 7


  1. A synopsis of the Telonychopodini, a tribe of Pantanalian chelodesmid millepeds (Polydesmida: Chelodesmidae). Richard L. Hoffman. 2000.
  2. Neotype designation for the centipede Mycotheres leucopoda Rafinesque (Scolopendromorpha: Cryptopidae). Rowland M. Shelley. 2000.
  3. Parajulid studies. III. The genus Gyniulus Loomis (Parajulidae: Aniulini). Rowland M. Shelley. 2000.
  4. A note on the identity of Spirostreptus acutus Karsch (Spirostreptida: Odontopygidae). Richard L. Hoffman. 2000.
  5. Identities of the milliped genera Spirostreptus Brandt, 1833 and Spiropoeus Brandt, 1833. Richard L. Hoffman, Sergei I. Golovatch, and Michelle Hamer. 2001.
  6. A note on the status of the name Centrobolus Cook, 1897 (Spirobolida: Pachybolidae). Richard L. Hoffman. 2001.
  7. A new family, genus, and species in the milliped order Spirobolida from Mexico. Rowland M. Shelley. 2001.
  8. Synopsis of Zodesmus, a genus of Papuan millipeds (Polydesmida: Platyrhacidae: Psaphodesmini). Richard L. Hoffman. 2001.
  9. A new milliped of the genus Parvulodesmus Shelley from North Carolina, with rediagnoses of the genus and P. prolixogonus Shelley (Polydesmida: Xystodesmidae). Rowland M. Shelley. 2001.
  10. Review of Callistodontopyge, a genus of strikingly colored East African diplopods (Spirostreptida: Odontopygidae). Richard L. Hoffman. 2002.
  11. Chaetaspis aleyorum, a new species of milliped from Tumbling Creek Cave, Missouri, with a synopsis of the cavernicolous species of Chaetaspis (Diplopoda: Polydesmida). Julian J. Lewis. 2002.
  12. A new genus of telonychopodine millipeds from Brazil (Polydesmida: Chelodesmidae). Richard L. Hoffman. 2002.

Volume 8


  1. A synopsis of Phaeodesmus, an East African genus of paradoxosomatid millipeds (Diplopoda: Polydesmida). Richard L. Hoffman. 2004.
  2. Two new species in the milliped genus Taiyutyla from British Columbia, Canada, and Washington, USA (Diplopoda, Chordeumatida, Conotylidae). William A. Shear. 2004.
  3. Redescription of Tasmanodesmus hardyi Chamberlin, 1920 (Diplopoda: Polydesmida: Dalodesmidae). Robert Mesibov. 2004.
  4. Cheirodesmus, an enigmatic West African milliped genus (Polydesmida: Chelodesmidae). Richard L. Hoffman. 2004.
  5. Two new prepodesmine millipeds, genus Callistocilla, from Tanzania (Polydesmida: Chelodesmida). Richard L. Hoffman. 2005.
  6. Another new telonychopine genus from western Brazil (Polydesmida: Chelodesmidae). Richard L. Hoffman. 2005.
  7. The taxonomic position of Antrogonodesmus (Polydesmida: Chelodesmidae: Chondrodesmini). Richard L. Hoffman. 2005.
  8. Zoological results of the British Speleological Expedition to Papua New Guinea, 1975. A note on the characters and status of the genus Caloma Chamberlin, 1945 (Polydesmida: Paradoxosomatidae). Richard L. Hoffman. 2005.
  9. A new genus of Spirostreptidae from the northern Andes. Richard L. Hoffman. 2005.
  10. Four new psaphodesmine genera from the Papuan region (Polydesmida: Platyrhacidae). Richard L. Hoffman. 2006.
  11. Comment on the milliped genus Eiphorus Chamberlin, 1951 (Diplopoda: Spirostreptidae). Richard L. Hoffman. 2006.

Volume 9

Index (not available)

  1. Replacement of the preoccupied generic name of a Neotropical milliped taxon (Polydesmida: Chelodesmidae: Batodesmini). Richard L. Hoffman. 2007.
  2. Antillodesmus is a lepturodesmine genus (Polydesmida: Chelodesmidae). Richard L. Hoffman. 2007.
  3. Ectopotremia: A new genus of prepodesmine millipeds from Mali (Polydesmida: Chelodesmidae). Richard L. Hoffman. 2007.
  4. On the identity of Duoporus, an enidmatic Mesamerican milliped genus (Polydesmida: Holistophallidae). Richard L. Hoffman. 2008.
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